About us

HealthcareUcompare is a collaboration between a CQC Registered Manager and Registered Specialist Clinician, combining years of experience working within the Healthcare Industry to run a site which allows the most informed decision on patient care, prior to booking.

We know that finding a reputable provider of healthcare can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. We aim to promote quality of care whilst highlighting potential areas of improvement or concern through a rolling 3 month declaration of care from our registered providers.

We also provide weekly updates on Bed Availability with our registered Care Homes.

We provide you with:

  • Downloadable CQC Reports
  • Care Home Bed Availability
  • Comparisons on Treatments
  • Treatment costs, including care home average cost p week
  • Opening Hours
  • Assurances that registered providers have had their medical registrations checked by our experienced team
  • Assurances that registered providers have had their companies checked on companies house

HealthcareUcompare is run by Healthcare Professionals – For You!

About Us


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